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Information to get your dream property..


Every EU member can purchase property in Crete - and the rest of Greece - very easily. 

Buying property in Crete is not complicated and perfectly safe. 

Land titles in Crete are free hold. 

Make sure before your purchase that you get a good English speaking lawyer so that you understand the whole procedure. 

Most of the Real Estate and Construction companies employ the following common process: 

You will be represented to an office of an English speaking lawyer who will explain the legal aspects of your purchase and will also undertake to act on your behalf throughout the proceedings. To do this you will give him/her Power of Attorney. This document must be drawn up by a Public Notary (a government appointed solicitor). 

The whole process takes about one hour. Your lawyer will be able to open a joint bank account at the local branch of the Bank (in your name and his/her name) thus enabling you to transfer funds for your purchase for him/her to make payments for you. He/she will also obtain for you a local tax (VAT) number, known as an AFM number, and he/she can sign all legal documents on your behalf. 

You will receive a Sales Confirmation Letter from the Real Estate that you are dealing with, confirming all sales details and advising you of the Stage Payment Program. 


Every year you will be required to do your tax return, which means that you will have to provide all your receipts of purchases such as houses, cars, boats and bikes etc, not including the receipts of small items purchases such as furniture or electrical appliances. 

You will be advised by your lawyer to transfer all your money via bank transfer in order to have a proof of foreign currency transferred in Greece , therefore making you eligible of tax exemptions. 

Most lawyers are responsible of opening a tax file number (VAT number) for you which is called AFM in Greece 


Insurance is necessary , although crime in Crete is practically inexistent ,with few money it is possible to get insurance for earthquake ,robbery , weather conditions . 


Taking a loan is also possible. Conditions are similar to those in the rest of the European Union (E.U.). 

Most banks will give of up to 80% for 30 years or more. They will not ask for overseas security, but they will ask for proof of earnings and tax returns of approximately the last two years. For non E.U citizens an off-shore company is indicated . 

With our much valued experience in housing and building loans, we are in a great position to help you in the choosing the best loan suited to your needs. Our real estate office collaborates with the largest banking organisations which provide the best financial terms available on the market. This way you are a step closer in acquiring the real estate you desire. 

Without any charge whatsoever, and with the utmost confidence, we are more than willing to help you in a fast approval to a loan application. 

In relation to the programs offered by the above banks mentioned, you are free to visit their sites for further details. 


• For the purchase of a business car until 15 years 

• For the purchase of equipment until 15 years 

• For the purchase of intangible assets until 15 

• For the improvement of a commercial property designated for personal use until 15 years 

• For the purchase of a land and a development of a property until 25 years 

• For liquidity support, till 25 years with a property collateral if it is sponsored as a complement for the purchase of the land or commercial property. Till 7 years if it is sponsored for the recapitalization of the company's liabilities. 


1. Application form 

2. Formal documents of the company 

3. Balance sheet or income statement for the last three years 


In case you are thinking of renting your property to tourists (season rental) when not here, you need to acquire an EOT license, which is issued from the Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO or EOT in greek). 

The EOT license isn't expensive and is easily and quickly issued. The whole procedure is usually carried out by your architect during the issuing of the building permit. 

If you thinking of renting your property to locals (annual rental – for permanent residents) then you don't need an EOT license. Your accountant should be able to provide you with all the relevant information. 


- Legal fees. These are usually between 1,5% - 2% of the purchase price. 

- Notary public and land registry , which are usually 2%. 

- Transfer tax , between 9-10% which varies from area to area and is depended on the purchase price. If the property was build after 2006 a V.A.T of 23% increase the price .

- Water and electricity connection. In some cases these fees in the purchase price are included .

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