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9,  2 villas over the sea: an alternative to a mini hotel

€ 1 550 000,00
For sale
2 villas in a small luxury complex near the sea in western Crete. An excellent alternative to investing in a mini-hotel. Stable income, rental license.

A small complex of luxury villas in western Crete. Villas are located on the coast of the bay, near the seaside village, next to the ancient Venetian city of Haniya. The architectural style is created in harmony with the traditions of Crete, the design and modern furnishings are matched with the greatest taste, and magnificent panoramic views of the sea and mountains, sunrise and sunset , will not leave anyone indifferent. Here there is an atmosphere of privacy, relaxing peace and exclusivity of houses with amenities 5 * DeLyuks. This place offers: enjoying a morning breakfast amidst a radiant sunrise, bathing in the cleanest sea waters a few minutes from the villas, lazy sunbathing on golden beaches in the neighborhood, as well as a large pool, lunches on any of the many terraces, romantic dinners at sunset and candlelight, the constant surroundings of the beauty of Mediterranean nature ... Here is a very dry and healthy climate.2 villas for sale Each villa has its own large swimming pool (with a shower in the pool), 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a toilet and a lounge, a garden with a landscape design of 20 acres. There is parking, automatic lighting system of villas, territory and swimming pools, alarm. Outside and inside the floors are finished with marble, in the master bedroom the floors and ceiling are made of wood. The kitchen is fully equipped with electrical appliances. There are plasma TVs + DVD in all bedrooms and living room, high-speed internet. Automatic central door. With a complex of villas there is a tennis court, an automatic independent electric generator. Fully furnished is included in the price.3 Beautiful sandy beaches awarded with the EU blue flag for the cleanliness of the water are located a few minutes drive. NOTE: The villas are well rented and bring a risk-free, stable income. There is an official lease license.


 Number bedrooms: 5
 Square meter: 400.00
 Lot Size: 4000 sqmt